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What Should You Do Before Buying a New PC?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

The computer age has been around for a while and by now you may have been thinking of buying one or more computers for your house to get in on the fad. Some people buy for these reasons and some also buy it for entertainment and learning purposes. Whatever the reason there that you would want to shop around for a computer, there should be some things you should have on your checklist. The foremost of this is your budget. Once this has been done then you can go around shopping for a new computer. Around two hundred dollars is usually enough to get a decent start unit.

The second item on your checklist is what you will be using the new computer you will buy for. If you will just be using the computer just to do simple office work like word processing and spreadsheets, then there is really no need to get a top of the line unit that will cost you nearly one thousand dollars or more. The simpler your tasks are the simpler your computer needs and thus the simpler the unit you must buy.

Next will you be playing a lot of multimedia material on your unit like games, DVDs, mp3 and other stuff to entertain yourself. Having this kind of capability on your computer will necessitate additional costs. More tasks will equal more money spent.

Next will you be using the computer to connect to the internet to play games, email or just to chat to people? This will of course require additional set ups and configurations that again will entail costs. Knowing your future needs beforehand will help you keep the purchase within your budget.

And finally how many people will be using your unit will be a key question to ask. Since different people will have different needs, the computer has to be flexible enough to accept and run different settings. Failing this, there may be a need to buy more than one unit in your house if you expect a lot of other people using it.

Having a computer around the house is great. However, before your first purchase it is advisable to go through the checklist above so as to prevent the nice computer you just bought becoming an expensive paper weight.