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Archive for July, 2015

Easy Eye Makeup Tips for Delicate Eyes

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Coupled with everyday work and environmental mutations these issues become all the more complex, adding chaos and mess to your life. Eyes being one of the most sensitive body parts, counters these problems more than often.

Eyes said to be a mirror to one’s soul especially need your attention and with top beautician courses in India they certainly can be the most beautiful feature of one’s facial characteristic. But for a woman with delicate eye area the idea of applying makeup to their eyes gets on their nerves. Also because eyes serve one of the most imperative functions of our body system, they do demand special attention and care.

With an inappropriate eye makeup or if the makeup is not applied properly then you certainly can suffer from issues like irritation, redness, itchiness and other severe problems as well, iterates a proposition of one of the best known cosmetology courses.

While all of us carry some sort of eye makeup even with our regular life, it becomes all the more important to be a bit too cautious when doing so.

Here are some practical eye makeup tips for woman with sensitive eyes:

-Make sure that you use clean brushes

Cleanliness is typically one of the most elementary advices you get to ensure that you stay away from infections. When applying makeup you do need to pay special heed to it. Especially with eye makeup you do need to be taking that extra bit of caution by making sure that every time you use your brushes they are clean. In fact the top beautician courses in India and elsewhere vouch for this cleanliness and hygiene tip. You can clean your brushes by using mild soaps, shampoos or even a dry, soft towel.

-Don’t line your inner eyes

Avoid lining your inner eye with a kohl pencil whenever you can. Those with sensitive eyes should certain that they apply any cosmetic or lining product only outside the lashes majorly to prevent any sort of eye infection.

-Don’t invest in the cheap ones

Make sure that you only use products which have gone through a quality product or are recommended by those with a background in a well-known cosmetology course. Always go for brands and never use the cheap ones which are flooding the market these days.

-Don’t go lazy with removing makeup

Most of us are used to the idea to sleeping or resting with makeup on, simply because we are just too lazy with removing it. However you should ensure th

Prepare For An Outdoor Wedding

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

The only thing that can ruin a perfect wedding reception held outdoors is when it rains without warning and the guests will have to run for cover. Chaos will instantly ensue without doubt. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent an outdoor wedding from getting ruined.

Plans and Back-Up Plans

It is a must to plan any event to the smallest detail and not leave anything to chance because even a small detail can cause a big issue when not taken care of. It is also worth mentioning that the plan should have at least one back-up plan in case the original plan cannot be executed for some reason such as venue issues or weather issues. When planning an outdoor wedding, include in the plan a marquee hire to address issues of unexpected rains. Preferably, the marquee should have flaps or walls. In case the rains are accompanied by winds, the flaps can just be secured to shield guests.

Check Regularly For Weather Updates

No matter how good the venue, food, music, wine and guest list plans are, when bad weather comes in the way, it will all go to waste. Hence, include in your back-up plan a possible reschedule of the wedding date or an alternative venue. Make it a habit to check for weather updates to make sure that if it is really needed, the venue will have to be moved indoors or to another location. If a storm will make a landfall on the date selected for the wedding, it may be a wiser move to change the date of the wedding.

Conduct Regular Meetings

Make sure that meetings with the people in charge of food, venue, music, guests, decorations, entourage, programme, et cetera are held at a regular basis to check on the progress of the plan. Regular reports should also be included and each one should give an update on their parts regularly as well so that all can be sufficiently addressed if there is a need to. Make sure that everything stays within the budget, the marquee hire and other structures if they are included in the back-up plan. Allow for some contingency because there is always a possibility that unforeseen expenditures may arise.