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Hold it! Handmade jewelry holders for any occasion

Organized and tidy are two qualities many of us wish to be, but unfortunately fall slightly short of. It's easy to appear, or at least fake, your way through being organized with these easy polymer-clay jewelry holders. Create them in no time at all, and let the foolin' begin.

Necklace Holder 1. Cut off two sections of the Black Premo clay with the clay blade. 2. Knead the clay until softened and roll into a ball. 3. Place the clay ball on one end of the Hide n' Seek Squares Texture Sheet and roll out towards the center to create a 3 1/2" X 1/4" thick oval. 4. Fold the other end of the Texture Sheet over the rolled out clay and press firmly. 5. Carefully peel up clay oval and fold up the end that was textured on the back creating a hook for the necklaces. 6. Lay piece on a mat board. 7. Apply baby powder to one of the medium-size faces in the Art Doll Faces Push Mold. Tap off excess powder. 8. Cut off another section of clay and then cut in half again. 9. Roll into a ball and press clay into the bottom left face in the Push Mold. Press firmly, pushing the excess clay out away from the face all around the mold. 10. Carefully pull up the face and pinch the excess areas until it is very thin. 11. Using small, sharp scissors cut thin strips all the way around head to resemble hair. 12. Carefully place face on top of oval "body." 13. Using the stylus, press lines into the area under the chin to attach to the top of the body. 14. Pull forward on some of the "hair" strands to add texture. 15. Using the small paintbrush from the Interference set of Perfect Pearls, dip into each color one at a time and dust randomly all over the entire piece. 16. Place on mat board and pierce a nail hole 1/2-inch down from neck area with the stylus. 17. Bake piece in toaster oven for 30 minutes at 275 degrees.

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