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Novel beauty
What if we could eat anything we wanted, ignore the scale and still look as fabulous as a supermodel? That's the strange new world Andrea Rains Waggener creates in her first novel, Alternate Beauty (Bantam Books, 2005) [...]

Southern African Wild Flowers
Southern African Wild Flowers: Jewels Of The Veld is a coffee table book that presents the reader with a stunningly visual survey of the diverse landscapes of windflowers that South Africa has to offer. Each individual chapter focuses upon a specific region [...]

Hold it! Handmade jewelry holders for any occasion
Organized and tidy are two qualities many of us wish to be, but unfortunately fall slightly short of. It's easy to appear, or at least fake, your way through being organized with these easy polymer-clay jewelry holders. Create them in no time at all, and let the foolin' begin [...]

Lightstone's shopping mall reaches 100% occupancy
The Lightstone Group, one of the largest private real estate owners in the country, recently completed more than 15,000 s/f in leases at Larchmont Commons shopping center, located in Mount Laurel Township. These transactions bring the 127,000 s/f neighborhood mall to nearly 100 percent occupied [...]

Western Michigan University.(Shirley Sparks retired from American Speech and Hearing Association)(Brief Article)
Read the full article with a Free Trial of HighBeam Research ? [...]

After Christmas Sales by Mario Puglia
This is Mario Puglia from Your Favorite Links wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! The mayhem for all your Christmas holiday shopping is over. The returns have been made. The stores have done their end of year reconciliations. And the New Year is upon us. What does it all mean? [...]

What to Look for when Buying Pet Food
Most pet owners put as much thought and care into feeding our cat or dog as we do to feeding ourselves. Browse the pet food section of your local supermarket and you will see an incredibly large choice of cat and dog food to choose from, and there are even more options if you shop at a pet store [...]

Burn The Fat - Calorie Cutting Tips & Ideas Part 1
It is possible to lose weight and eat more healthily without feeling starved or deprived. In fact, taking care to eat meals that satisfy is a good way to ensure that you stay on track with your diet. Here are five tips to help make dieting more of a pleasure [...]

Plus Size Junior Clothes - Hip And Fashionable
Teens can be cruel. They expect other teens to be slim and to dress in the latest fashions. In so doing, they can cause overweight teens to feel inferior and self-conscious. These overweight girls may lack self-esteem and the confidence to participate in the extra curricular activities offered at their school. Just wearing plus size clothes can damage a girl's self-image more severely than anyone could suspect [...]

Compare Car Insurance Quotes to Save Money - buying online!
It is not surprising that statistics show that most Britons simply do not shop around to Compare their car insurance quotes. The choice of motor insurance policies, and insurance companies, is almost bewildering [...]

10 facts you might want to know about television
The worlds first colour television transmission occurred in John Logie Bairds British studio back in 1928.This transmission showed some blue and red scarves and a London policeman's helmet. Also viewed was a mixed bunch of flowers, a guy poking his tongue out and the burning end of a cigarette [...]

Rent Games Online
Renting video games online has exploded in recent months! I for one am thrilled to see this available to me and my family. Over the summer it was my sanity saver! Why you ask? Well simply because for an affordable price I can rent unlimited games online and have them sent to my door. I don’t have to go wait in long lines or stop when I am tired after work. Having them sent to my door is easy and hassle free, just what I need! [...]

Fashion Tips: Dress to Look Young !
Dress to look young? Well think about it, how are you normally dressed? How do you normally present yourself to others? Unknowingly, a lot of us have been wearing clothes that made us appear older than we actually are, especially due to the nature of our work [...]

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